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Best time to spot dolphins in New Quay, Cardigan Bay

an animal swimming in the water

The best time to see dolphins in Cardigan Bay is the summer months between May and September which also coincides with the main calving season. Bottlenose dolphins are spotted throughout the bay but it is generally easier to do so in the southern Cardigan Bay SAC.

Cardigan Bay is a haven for marine wildlife and is known for being a hotspot for sightings of bottlenose dolphins as well as being the midpoint of the Wales coast path. Here, around 300 Bottlenose Dolphins are residents of a special conservation area which has plenty of food for the dolphins.

Their habitat hasn’t been destroyed by big towns or industrial development. You’ll see these fun animals leaping out of the waters almost everyday in the summer. The area between Cardigan Island in the south and Aberporth in the north is a great viewing spot to see bottlenose dolphins between June and September. Though, you can see them year-round.

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