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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips (Winston Evans Boats)

Domestic Safety Management
Supplementary document

Covid specific

NB from 17th July 2 M social distancing has been scrapped.
This is a dynamic risk assessment and safety plan therefore it will be changed as needed to comply with any relevant changes in the guidelines produced by Welsh and U.K. governments and if the company finds changes are required.

Booking changes:

The principle customer in every group must to give their name and a telephone number and/or email address which will be logged alongside date and time of trip. They are required to know who is in their group. These measures are to assist any need for track and trace. Due to a new online booking portal, no paper tickets are issued to avoid the contact risk. Ticket issuing paper form)will be avoided wherever possible. Only if this is entirely impossible will a ticket be issued and it will be shown on entry.
Booking in advance is now essential rather than just advisable.

Disinfection of hands and boat surfaces

Sanitisation will be carried out quickly between every trip while the boat is alongside to avoid the additional ‘docking’ time required to pull away and return and the associated confusion this might add to those waiting to board. Crew will either squirt your hands with hand sanitiser or point you to the hands free dispenser.

Accessing the harbour at New Quay

The one way system in New Quay will be closed to motorists (due to queuing on the road) during the daytime (12pm til 5pm) therefore there will be a considerable traffic congestion in the access roads to the carparks. PLEASE LEAVE EXTRA TIME TO GET TO A CARPARK AND THE BOAT.

Blue Badge holders

If you have a blue badge holder in your party, please mention this to the staff on the barriers and ask to drive down to the harbour to drop of the party. Please also make sure this is indicated on your online booking. It is not the best time to take a boat ride if passengers have mobility difficulties, as we require someone from the household or social bubble of those requiring help to be from their own household, we are unable to physically assist passengers like usual. The pier itself is very bumpy.

Making your way to the boat along the pier

It would be preferable if customers did not make their way to the end of the pier for boarding earlier than 15 minutes before the trip time. Please pay attention to the time ( boarding can begin up to ten minutes prior to departure) Look and listen for the skipper or crew of the boat to call you forward for your trip using either the name of your boat and the duration or the name your booking is under (please check these things in advance on your confirmation email). Other companies operate trips from the same pier therefore and the person in front in the queue may be on a trip later than yours and you may need to walk past them.

Wheelchair users

Please only purchase a ticket over the telephone so we can discuss your needs and book you on a trip suitable.

Before the trip

Do Not Travel If ‘’You or someone you live with has any of the following: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste’’

FACE MASKS – presently no requirement exists to oblige the wearing of face coverings for passengers.


Crew will no longer wear facemarks unless there is a need to spend long periods close to a customer or more (such as administering first aid ).

’’How to behave during the trip’’ :

Takeaway food and drinks are discouraged. Food wrappers and takeaway drink containers need to be put in the bins on the pier before boarding. No Smoking onboard, no Alcohol unless a private charter.

After the trip

Please vacate the area of the pier totally so as not to create an ever increasing number of pier users.

General Information:

We have the right to refuse bookings/boarding if we believe that any of the guidelines within this Safety Plan or those published by Government are breached. Your safety and that of our staff is very important to us.

Track and Trace

Please contact the company urgently if any of your household becomes ill with suspected Covid 19 symptoms within 14 days of the trip.
Please do update us if the Covid 19 is confirmed by PCR or at hospital,
We will retain your details in line with our online booking data protection policy to contact passengers if a confirmed case of Covid 19 is made known to us and you were onboard during the same boat ride.