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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips (Winston Evans Boats)

Domestic Safety Management
Supplementary document

The following information is to be read by all staff prior to re-commencing work for the company. We must do our best to keep people in the community and our passengers and staff as safe as possible from the potential risk of infection from the pandemic. There is no way of entirely eliminating risk, we can reduce and manage all risks to the best of our ability.

This is a dynamic risk assessment and safety plan therefore it will be changed as needed to comply with any relevant changes in the guidelines produced by Welsh and U.K. governments and if the company finds changes are required.

Your input into achieving these aims is greatly appreciated and any part of the policy which is found to be ineffective should be reported to your line manger (skipper) or owners of the company (Jonathan or Winston Evans).


The one way system in New Quay will be closed to motorists during the day ( time TBC) therefore there will be a considerable walk involved in accessing the harbour. For this and other reasons it is not the best time to visit for a boat ride if passengers have mobility difficulties. If passengers have reduced mobility, somebody from their own household or social bubble must assist them at all times as we are unable to physically assist passengers like usual.

Accessing the pier

We ask that our passengers stay off the pier until ten minutes before the trip departure at time to avoid queues to board. It would be preferable if customers only made their way to the end of the pier for boarding once the boat you are waiting to board is alongside and empty of passengers .

COVID-19 is a public health emergency. Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19, and Skippers & Crew should consider the risks to their work colleague’s and passengers.

This means all staff members need to think about the risks and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise this. All staff need to recognise that you cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

Stay Alert – Stay Safe and at all time, maintain 2m Social Distancing.

Schedule changes

Trips will only run at times when the pier provides access ie no dinghy or ramp boarding.
Ten minutes usually allowed for boarding 50 to 60 pax will now be retained to allow a quick disinfection of all surfaces accessible to passengers. This will be done while the boat is alongside to avoid the additional ‘docking’ time required to pull away and return and the associated confusion this might add to those waiting to board.

Booking changes:

The principle customer in every group is required to give heir name and telephone numbers and email address which will be logged alongside date and time of trip.They are required to know who is in their group. These measures are anticipation of track and trace. This will be simplified by the online booking system.

Ticket issuing paper form)will be avoided wherever possible and the digital confirmation of bookings will be implemented for all passengers. Only if this is entirely impossible will a ticket be issued and it will be shown on entry and deposited in a receptical rather than handed to the crew.
Booking in advance will now become essential rather than just advisable.
Disabled passengers only purchase a ticket if they can be carried aboard by members of their household

Passenger numbers

Numbers are reduced to ensure that individuals unknown to each other stay 2 Meters apart. Where this is not achievable a barrier will is erected between passengers.

Before the trip

Customers to be provided with Covid 19 specific rules upon booking by means of the booking confirmation. This will include :
Do Not Travel -if ‘’You or someone you live with has any of the following: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste’’

Who can come?

Your household or extended household or bubble -Bubbles are extended family groupings and would commonly be those sharing holiday accommodation.

How to access the harbour and pier –

Clear directions and instructions to be provided with the booking confirmation to avoid additional meandering in town and on pier.

’’How to behave at the pier’’ :

Do not arrive until a maximum of ten minutes prior to the trip departure
Do not to arrive at the loading area on the pier until the boat you are waiting for is alongside and waiting for you empty (ie not still full of returning passengers).
Please take responsibility to ensure you keep 2 Meters away from anybody not in your household or extended household
Do not run across the pier even if late for your trip as any accidents will put strain on the emergency services and draw other assistance near.


HAND GEL- Every passenger to be witnessed making use of alcohol gel provided by the company -( battery operated self dispenser on a stand placed on shoreside from each vessel while boarding).

FACE MASKS – presently no requirement exists to oblige the wearing of face coverings for passengers. A supply of face coverings will be kept in an airtight box in the wheelhouse and available to any and all customers wishing to acquire one. A nominal charge for this will be made to ensure the availability of good quality items.


Skipper to remain in wheelhouse at all times if possible and to don face coverings if he has to leave the W/H. Crew must wear PPP of mouth and nose coverings, gloves and goggles for boarding and disembarking. After these times it is still advised. Gloves should be changed regularly and placed in the bin.

To prevent the need to touch passengers to help boarding etc greater care will be taken to ensure the boat is level with the boarding jetty and movement of the vessel is eliminated or reduced as much as possible. No touching of customers is permitted unless to avoid immediate danger.

CREW to be on ‘stand by’ wearing PPE as indicated above at the steps to assist to prevent passenger falling during boarding and disembarking. In the event of a fall or any other physical contact of passengers, other passengers should be stopped from proceeding until the reason for the contact is remedied. New gloves to be applied before continuing. Passengers to be advised of their designated areas –leaving 2m of separation between next passengers/household.

A 2 Meter rule will be available on board.

At the close of business the boat must be thoroughly cleaned down and all surfaces are to be disinfected by staff.

’’How to behave during the trip’’ :

Takeaway food and drinks will not be allowed. Food wrappers and takeaway drink containers need to be put in the bins on the pier before boarding.
No Alcohol and No Smoking onboard.

No moving around will be permitted, passengers will remain in their location.
Access to the wheelhouse will not be allowed.

Safety briefing

A socially distanced safety briefing will be given in normal format at departure. The safety briefing will remind passengers not to move around and the skipper will ask if there are any questions.


If you wish to wear a lifejacket (note; there is no requirement to wear a lifejacket whilst aboard it will be quarantined afterwards and left for 72 hours.


will be out of bounds except in an emergency. After use the seat, toilet flush and any door locks or handles must be sprayed with disinfectant and the room is not to be used for 20 minutes.

After the trip

Please vacate the area of the pier totally so as not to create an ever increasing number of pier users.

General Information:

We have the right to refuse bookings/boarding if we believe that any of the guidelines within this Safety Plan or those published by Government are breached. Your safety and that of our staff is very important to us.

Track and Trace

Please contact the company urgently if any of your household becomes ill with suspected Covid 19 symptoms within 14 days of the trip. Please do update us if the Covid 19 is confirmed as a reason for illness.

We will retain your details in line with our online booking data protection policy to contact passengers if a confirmed case of Covid 19 is made known to us and you were onboard during the same boat ride.

All relevant guidelines to be attached to this document.